Microsoft Teams Dev App On Smartphone Screen

As part of the EP Student Community, students can safely and securely connect, share, and learn from one another while also having easy access to relevant resources.

Students are already using this new platform to connect with one another to discuss course topics, assignments, questions, and much more. The EP Student Community environment also provides the opportunity for students to communicate in real time with faculty members and EP student services representatives.

EP leaders believe that access to the Student Community will enrich students’ learning experiences in a number of ways, including facilitating communication between individuals and between groups. Teams provides seamless real-time collaboration, audio or video calls, and fully featured audio/video conferences. Students can post emails in discussion threads to keep everyone in the loop, can use the platform to search for public teams to collaborate with on shared projects, and can access past content and chat histories any time.

The Student Community will also help bridge the gap between how communication occurs in the workplace and in higher education. Students who work full-time or live in different time zones will find it easy to connect with their classmates on the Teams app, which can be downloaded to phones and work computers.

We hope this new platform will improve and simplify students’ learning experiences by providing a deeper sense of connection to the EP community and an easier path to accessing resources and support. Teams can also be used for other collaborative efforts, such as course team projects, research, and getting to know classmates.