February 3, 2020

For the first time, Johns Hopkins Engineering for Professionals is partnering with a local company to bring a customized education program to engineers at their workplace. Earlier this month, 20 employees at Baltimore-based RK&K started a new project management course designed exclusively for them by experts at EP to align with the company's professional development goals. RK&K is a national engineering firm known for its full service planning, engineering design, and construction management expertise.

The course uses material from EP's Master in Engineering Management program, and provides participants the opportunity to network with executives at their company.

The inaugural class have been hand-picked by leadership at RK&K, said Paul Huckett, assistant dean of Learning Design and Innovation. They will participate in a cohort experience to learn from one another and the course instructors. The program aims to provide RK&K participants the necessary skills to advance their professional development.

The inaugural course kicked off in mid-January and runs through June. (At 23 weeks, the customized course is nine weeks longer than a typical semester.) The first week of each program module presents planning and managing projects material online. Facilitated by the EP instructors, additional weeks include seminar-type discussions, in which participants engage with RK&K executives in real time to explore how the fundamental concepts apply to their work.

The collaboration arose after RK&K expressed a desire for their employees to take Hopkins courses as part of their professional development plans. Although employees who participate in this program are not currently enrolled in EP, they can receive credit for the course should they choose to pursue the Engineering Management master's program.

We were excited by the opportunity to collaborate with RK&K Engineering and to customize one of our programs directly to their needs, said Dan Horn, associate dean for Engineering for Professionals. This inaugural partnership is proving to be a great success both for RK&K Engineering as well as their employees. We look forward to similar collaborations in the future.

Moving forward, the program will be offered annually to RK&K participants.