Johns Hopkins Engineering for Professionals encourages its alumni to take advantage of the many services, benefits, and networking opportunities available to them throughout their continuing careers.

Access to online academic resources, networking with fellow graduates, and opportunities to serve as mentors for current students are just a few examples of the ways alumni can stay connected to their Johns Hopkins University education well after they receive their diplomas.

Ways to Stay Involved

Society of Engineering Alumni: By joining the Society of Engineering Alumni, our alumni can keep in touch with fellow engineering graduates from across the university, sign up for volunteer opportunities, and attend special events put on by the Whiting School of Engineering.

Johns Hopkins University Alumni Events: The Johns Hopkins University Alumni Association regularly hosts events across the globe that are open to all graduates. Alumni can review the event calendar to see if there are any upcoming events in their area.

Social Media: Johns Hopkins Engineering for Professionals provides several ways for alumni to stay connected through social media, whether they prefer Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, or Google+.

Johns Hopkins Connect: By setting up an account on Johns Hopkins Connect, graduates can arrange social events, meet and mentor current engineering students, and easily network with like-minded alumni.

Volunteer: Johns Hopkins Engineering for Professionals is looking for alumni to volunteer at information sessions, college fairs, and networking events across the country. We are also interested in hearing your success stories either from your studies here or post-graduation. If you’d like to volunteer, share your story, or offer to mentor a current student, please e-mail, quickly let us know how you’d like to volunteer, and we will keep you in mind for appropriate upcoming opportunities.

Online Services for Alumni

KnowledgeNET: Hopkins KnowledgeNET is a virtual library exclusively available to all graduates of Johns Hopkins University. It provides access to thousands of academic journals, articles, and reference materials, as well as links to additional collections of online resources, digital libraries, and other Johns Hopkins publications.

E-mail Alias Service: All alumni can set up a e-mail alias so that they can continue to receive e-mails once their accounts are deactivated. For more information, please visit the Johns Hopkins University portal or contact the Office of Alumni Relations at the Whiting School of Engineering.

Online Magazines: Visiting the websites of the Johns Hopkins Magazine and Johns Hopkins Engineering is a great way to stay connected and informed on the latest happenings around the university.

Other Services for Alumni

Library Services: Alumni have access to nearly three million books across four different campuses throughout the Johns Hopkins library system.

Johns Hopkins Club: The Johns Hopkins Club is a private fine dining club located on the Homewood campus in Baltimore. All alumni and faculty of Johns Hopkins University are eligible to pay dues and join if they wish.

Non-Credit Courses: Alumni receive a 25 percent discount on all courses and workshops offered through Johns Hopkins Odyssey, a continuing education program that offers non-credit courses in the liberal arts. Johns Hopkins Engineering for Professionals also offers non-credit short courses that are available to alumni.

Additional Services and Benefits: For more information on the services and benefits offered to alumni of Johns Hopkins University, please review the alumni benefits information provided by the Alumni Association.