Whether you are an interested student, an instructor, or a current student, the staff at Johns Hopkins Engineering for Professionals is here to help answer your questions.

For general questions, or if you are not sure who to contact, please contact our main office:

  • E-mail: jhep@jhu.edu
  • Phone: 410-516-2300 or 1-800-548-3647
  • Address:
    Engineering for Professionals
    Johns Hopkins Whiting School of Engineering
    Student Services Center
    3400 North Charles Street
    Wyman Park Building, 3rd Floor West
    Baltimore, MD 21218-2608
  • Hours of Operation: Monday to Friday, 8:30 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.

For more specific inquiries, please reference the tables below.

Staff Directory

Student Services Center

Dan Horn Associate Dean dhorn@jhu.edu
Allison Leventhal Student Disability Services Coordinator aleventhal@jhu.edu
Anil Maybhate Lecturer
Applied Biomedical Engineering
Joyce Richardson Administrative and Events Coordinator jrichard@jhu.edu
Heather Stewart Academic Affairs Manager hstewa13@jhu.edu
Eric Weinstein Institutional Research Analyst eweins12@jhu.edu
Admissions and Student Services
Doug Schiller Director, Admissions and Student Services jhep@jhu.edu
Sandra Altman Admissions Manager
Program Changes
Meghan Aranda Program Coordinator
Artificial Intellligence
Engineering Management
Environmental Engineering
Environmental Engineering and Science
Environmental Planning and Management
Financial Mathematics
Information Systems Engineering
Technical Management
Doug Bulkley Registration Manager gbulkle1@jhu.edu
Lexus Faison Admissions Assistant lfaison4@jhu.edu
Amanda Harwell Program Coordinator
Applied and Computational Mathematics
Data Science
Rafael Hernandez Program Coordinator
Computer Science
Ian Nolan Program Coordinator
Applied Biomedical Engineering
Healthcare Systems Engineering
Mechanical Engineering
Systems Engineering
Whendee Toney Registration Coordinator wtoney2@jhu.edu
Anne Zylinski Program Coordinator
Applied Physics
Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering
Civil Engineering
Electrical and Computer Engineering
Materials Science and Engineering
Space Systems Engineering
Center for Digital and Media Initiatives
Nathan Graham Director, Center for Digital and Media Initiatives nathan.graham@jhu.edu
Danielle Armentrout Multimedia Technician darment1@jhu.edu
Brad Aumiller Multimedia Technician baumill1@jhu.edu
Liz Bonilla Multimedia Production Coordinator ebonill1@jhu.edu
Kelly Queen Instructional Technologist kqueen3@jhu.edu
Matthew Ribkoff Instructional Technologist mribkof1@jhu.edu
Heather Snyder Instructional Technologist hsnyde14@jhu.edu
Center for Learning Design
Paul Huckett Assistant Dean, Learning Design and Innovation paul.huckett@jhu.edu
Bob Armstrong Training and Delivery Specialist/Instructional Designer barmstrong@jhu.edu
Diane Banner Instructional Designer dbanner2@jhu.edu
Kimberly Barss Instructional Designer kbarss@jhu.edu
Olysha Magruder Assistant Director, Center for Learning Design olysha@jhu.edu
Juliet Owuor Instructional Designer jowuor1@jhu.edu
Toni Picker Course Support Specialist tpicker4@jhu.edu
Ed Queen Senior Instructional Designer ed.queen@jhu.edu
Matt Schneider Instructional Designer matt.schneider@jhu.edu
Hong Shaddy Senior Instructional Designer hshaddy@jhu.edu
Denille Williams Instructional Designer denille@jhu.edu
Margo Williams Instructional Designer margo.williams@jhu.edu
Marketing, Communications, and Recruitment
Mary Kay LeMay Assistant Dean, Marketing and Communications mlemay2@jhu.edu
Charise Bell Director, Recruitment and Marketing cbell41@jhu.edu
Abigail Lammel Marketing Coordinator alammel1@jhu.edu
Abby Lattes Director, Communications alattes@jhu.edu
Maureen Punte Brand Manager mpunte1@jhu.edu
Ayana Teal Assistant Director, Recruitment and Marketing ateal@jhu.edu
Alex Van Horn Digital Media Manager avh@jhu.edu
Allison Weiner Recruitment Coordinator aweine15@jhu.edu
Operations and Finance
Marielle Nuzback Director, Operations and Finance msn@jhu.edu
David Gibbins Budget Specialist jgibbin1@jhu.edu
Nicholas Grucz Budget Analyst ngruz1@jhu.edu
Tim Habert Operations Coordinator thabert1@jhu.edu
Natalia Ishmeneva Financial Manager nishmen1@jhu.edu
Margaret Roe Budget Specialist mroe3@jhu.edu
Software Development
Tim Jarrett Director, Software Development tjarrett@jhu.edu
Alicia McNichols Senior Programmer Analyst amcnich2@jhu.edu
Russell Stringer Software Engineer rstring3@jhu.edu

Applied Physics Laboratory

Harry K. Charles, Jr. Education Center Program Manager harry.charles@jhuapl.edu
Jolena Arcuri Space Systems Engineering/Technical Management/Engineering Management Administrative Specialist jolena.arcuri@jhuapl.edu
Stephanie Breeze Computer Science/Cybersecurity/Information Systems Engineering Administrative Specialist Stephanie.breeze@jhuapl.edu
Amy Chalmers Systems Engineering Partnership Coordinator amy.chalmers@jhuapl.edu
Hayley Cohen eLearning Technical Specialist hayley.cohen@jhuapl.edu
SiRod Foster Education Center Administrative Support sirod.foster@jhuapl.edu
Tracy Gauthier Education Center Operations Coordinator tracy.gauthier@jhuapl.edu
Tony Johnson Program Manager, Computer Science/Cybersecurity/Data Science/Information Systems Engineering ajohn260@jhu.edu
Christine Morris Partnership Manager christine.morris@jhuapl.edu
Jacque Rowe Systems Engineering Program Coordinator jacqueline.rowe@jhuapl.edu