Mr. Scott Donaldson

Computer Science

Education History

  • Operations Research Operations Research, United States Naval Academy
  • Systems Management Systems Management, University of Southern California

Work Experience

Lecturer, JHU School of Professional Studies in Business and Education


Co-authored three software engineering books:
Successful Software Development: Making It Happen, Prentice Hall PTR, 2nd Edition
Successful Software Development: Study Guide, Prentice Hall PTR
Cultivating Successful Software Development: A Practitioner’s View, Prentice Hall PTR.

Co-authored CTOs at Work, Apress® is a collection of interviews with some of the world’s leading CTOs.

Contributed to other software engineering books:
Encyclopedia of Software Engineering: Project Management—Success Factors, CRC Press
Handbook of Software Quality Assurance: Software Configuration Management—A Practical Look, 3rd Edition.

Honors and Awards

  • JHU Excellence in Teaching Award (2009)