Dr. Ebrima Ceesay


Personal Bio

Ebrima N. Ceesay, PhD., CISSP, is a Principal Cyber Security and Machine Learning Scientist at Noblis.  At Noblis, he directs and leads the Cyber Center of Excellence and is the Technical Program Manager of the company’s largest cybersecurity program.  Dr. Ceesay is also an adjunct faculty at the Johns Hopkins University Whiting School of Engineering, University of California at Berkeley’s Information School and an Associate Professor in the Department of Information Sciences and Technology at the George Mason University

Dr. Cessay’s primary research interests are at the intersection of computer security and machine learning. More specifically, he is interested both in using machine learning to improve software security and in improving security and reliability of the machine learning models themselves. He also regularly delves into insider, intrusion, misuse detection, adaptive and resilience systems, data science and as well as advance analytics. Dr. Ceesay earned a Ph.D. in Computer Science with an emphasis on security and applied machine learning from the University of California, Davis. He has years of experience leading, designing, and implementing national cybersecurity initiatives in collaboration with several U.S. federal government agencies and departments, as well as private industry stakeholders to protect cyber infrastructures. Dr. Ceesay was formerly a senior software and security engineer for companies such as Apple, Inc., IBM, Booz Allen Hamilton, TASC and Leidos. He currently works as Principal Scientist and Program Manager at Noblis.

Education History

  • Ph.D Computer Science, University of California at Davis

Work Experience

Principal Research Scientist, Noblis


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Honors and Awards

  • IEEE, ACM, NSF Scholarship Recipient (2003)
  • GAAN Fellow (2003)
  • Junior Board Member, Habitat for Humanity Honor Societies: Upsilon Phi Epsilon | Phi Kappa Phi | Golden Key Honor Society | Alpha Gamma Sigma (2003)
  • Valedictorian | Dean’s List (2001)

Professional Organizations