Dr. Zhiyong Xia

Mechanical Engineering

Personal Bio

Dr. Zhiyong Xia is a principal professional staff in JHU/APL’s REDD department.  Dr. Xia has an extensive experience in the design of polymer nanofiber and microfiber for water filtration, advanced composites and biological engineering.  He has more than fifteen years of industrial experience (Eastman Chemical Company, Rohm and Haas, and British Petroleum).  Dr. Xia has more than 50 technical papers in the structure-property of polymeric materials, and 9 granted US patents in polymer nano-technology field. 

Education History

  • Ph D Mechanical Engineering, Texas A and M University

Work Experience

Principal Professional Staff, JHU Applied Physics Laboratory


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Honors and Awards

  • JHUAPL 2016 invention of the year BP group-Helios Innovation Award 2010 (2016)

Professional Organizations

American Chemical Society (ACS)