Mr. Jeffrey Ritter

Information Systems Engineering

Personal Bio

In addition to courses taught at Johns Hopkins, Mr. Ritter is an External Lecturer at the Department of Computer Science, University of Oxford. His current research focuses on adapting the mathematics of quantum mechanics to measure the trust and economic values of digital information in motion. More information can be found at 

Education History

  • Bachelor of Arts Communications, Arts and Sciences
  • Master of Arts Communications, Arts and Sciences
  • JD Law, School of Law

Work Experience

CEO, Self Employed


Electronic Publications

TechTarget, a leading Internet technology publisher, publishes webcasts, white papers, and articles I have authored focused on enabling IT to better navigate legal issues, including on the following selected topics:
Master Data Management and Compliance
Data Governance: Five Steps to Cloud Solution Success
Tips for Explaining Information Governance Strategy to Management
Navigating the Crossroads: How E-Discovery Delivers Velocity to Achieving Records and Information Management

The Ritter Academy included the following titles (as of April 2013):
Understanding Electronically Stored Information
Navigating the Federal E-Discovery Rules
Playing the Game: The Legal and Technology Rules for E-Discovery
Discovering the Digital Record—The Risks of Failure
Identifying the Plaintiff’s Duty to Preserve ESI
27 Key Risk Areas for Litigation Hold Programs—Part 1

BrightTALK publishes commercial webcasts I have authored for various sponsors, including on the following selected topics (generally available with registration):
Contracts, SLAs and Cloud Security
The Legal Compass for Unified Communications
Trusting the Cloud, Unified Communications and Web 2.0
E-Discovery: The Litmus Test for IT Governance
Software as a Service: Navigating the Compliance Whirlpools

Ethics and Compliance Alliance, a member-based industry think tank, has published 20+ webcasts, podcasts, and white papers on records and information management I have authored (available by subscription only).


Achieving Digital Trust: The New Rules for Business at the Speed of Light (Original Thought Press, 2015).

[Note: Books during the prior decade wre designed as practical, functional, interactive tools, with extensive use of planning maps, for enabling professionals to do their jobs more efficiently.]

Discovering the Digital Record: The Questions for Examination (CastleQuest, 2009).

Defending Electronic Mail as Evidence: The Critical Electronic Discovery Questions (CastleQuest, 2009).

Contracting for Information Security in Commercial Agreements: Model Contract Terms for Certified Information Security Management Services (Internet Security Alliance, 2007).

Evaluating the Electronic Discovery Capabilities of Outside Law Firms: A Model Request for Information and Analysis (with Karen Worstell) (BNA, 2006).

Contracting for Information Security in Commercial Transactions: An Introductory Guide (Internet Security Alliance, 2006).

Computer Security Handbook, 4th edition (coauthor, chapters on “E-Commerce Safeguards” and “Privacy in Cyberspace”) (John Wiley & Sons, Inc., 2002).

Securities Regulation and the Internet: A Compliance Guide (co-principal author) (Thompson Publishing, 2000).

Electronic Data Interchange Agreements: A Guide and Sourcebook (with Amelia H. Boss) (International Chamber of Commerce; Paris, 1993).

The Legal Facilitation of International Electronic Commerce: Current Initiatives and Future Directions, UN Doc. No. UNCTAD/DDM4/No. I (United Nations Conference on Trade and Development, 1992).

The Commercial Use of Electronic Data Interchange -- A Report and Model Trading Partner Agreement (as Reporter), American Bar Association, 1991 (also published at 45 Business Lawyer 1645 [1990]).


Navigating Compliance and Security for Unified Communications (Internet Security Alliance, 2009).

Public Access in the Information Age: A Policy for Ohio (ECLIPS, 1997).

Strategies for Electronic Public Access to Ohio Government: Recommendations for the Information Age
(ECLIPS, 1996).

The Ohio Internet Advisory Committee: An Assessment and Report (ECLIPS, 1996).

Electronic Information in Ohio Governments: Defining Public Access for the Information Age (ECLIPS, 1996).

The Sale of Information by Michigan Governments: An Analysis and Report (ECLIPS, 1995).

Selected Articles and Papers (excluding law firm publications)

Digital Trust

“Designing and Constructing Commercial Agreements in the 21st Century,” 26 ST. THOMAS L. REV. 506 (2014).

Electronic Discovery

“Making the Case for Enterprise Content Management Systems: Discovering New ROI by Counting Differently,” white paper commissioned by HP Software Solutions (formerly Tower Software), June 2007.

“Controlling Information Security Risks with Outside Law Firms,” Digital Discovery and E-Evidence, Vol.7.No.8 (August 1, 2007).

“Buy or Build: The Impact of the New Federal Rules on the Corporate Law Department’s Management of E-Discovery (Parts I and II),” Vol.7, No. 1 and 2 (January-February 2007).

Electronic Commerce

“Emerging Trends in International Privacy Law,” 15 Emory International Law Review 87 (Spring 2001) (with Benjamin S. Hayes and Henry L. Judy).

"The Commercial Realities of Securing Enterprise Data on the Net," The DataLaw Report, 4 (July 1995).

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"Confidentiality and Patient Privacy in Community Health Management Information Systems: A Legal Overview and Report,” prepared with Jacklyn J. Ford for the Ohio Corporation for Health Information Privacy and Confidentiality Task Force (December 1993).

"Private Trade Data Networks," Transnational Data Report, 1991.

Software Licensing

"A Legislative Response to the Issues of Software Contracting" (with Amelia H. Boss), Commercial Law Annual 1993 (Clark Boardman Callaghan, 1993).

"A Legislative Response to the Issues of Software Procurement--A Report on the American Experience" (with Amelia H. Boss), Software Procurement: Nordic Yearbook of Law and Informatics (Norstedts Juridik, 1992).

"Software Transactions and Uniformity: Accommodating Codes Under the Code," 46 Business Lawyer 1825 (1991).

Honors and Awards

  • Short-list, Most Acclaimed Lecture, University of Oxford (2016)