Dr. Joel Coffman

Computer Science

Personal Bio

Joel Coffman is a Senior Cyber Engineer at the Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Laboratory (JHU/APL), which he joined in 2012. Joel contributes to a variety of sponsored and internally-funded research and development projects where he applies software engineering expertise to improve software quality. Joel previously served as the technical lead for JHU/APL’s involvement in the OpenStack cloud computing project where he oversaw the contribution of a variety of security features to the open source community.

Joel received his Ph.D. and M.S. in Computer Science from the University of Virginia under the guidance of Alfred C. Weaver and a B.S. in Computer Science from Furman University. While in school, Joel conducted research in topics spanning ranking methods for keyword search, search engine query log analysis, timing analysis, non-volatile memory, and computer science education. Joel’s Ph.D. research focused on keyword search in databases where he used a systematic evaluation of existing approaches to guide advances in ranking methods to improve search effectiveness.

In addition to his work at JHU/APL, Joel serves as a lecturer for the Johns Hopkins University Whiting School of Engineering where he currently teaches courses in cloud computing security and software engineering.

Education History

  • B.S. Computer Science, Furman University
  • M.S. Computer Science, University of Virginia
  • Ph.D. Computer Science, University of Virginia

Work Experience

Senior Professional Staff, JHU Applied Physics Laboratory


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Honors and Awards

  • Excellence in Teaching Award for new instructors, Engineering for Professionals, Johns Hopkins University (2015)
  • McGaughey Fellowship, School of Engineering and Applied Science, University of Virginia (2011)
  • Phi Beta Kappa (2007)
  • Upsilon Pi Epsilon (2006)

Professional Organizations

IEEE Computer Society