Dr. Sankar Raghavan

Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering

Personal Bio

Sankar Raghavan joined the Engineering for Professional program at Johns Hopkins University in 2014 after nearly twenty five years service at Merck & Company. At Merck, he assumed a variety of increasing responsibilities over time. Sankar's work resulted in the resolution of many difficult process problem. His work demonstrated his capability to bridge theory and practice seamlessly.He was recognized for his contributions with several professional achievement awards. In his final role, he served as an Associate Director in the Global Technical Operations group of Merck. In this position, he also mentored several full time engineers and engineering interns. Sankar has an abiding interest in teaching and academics. He maintained close contact with academia even while working at Merck. He is an active member of AIChE. He has presented at the AIChE National meetings and also has collaborated with the chemical engineering faculty at the nearby Bucknell University. He is active in a variety of civic organizations including the Rotary club and the Big Brother Big Sister program. Outside of professional interests, he reads, plays tennis and bridge and enjoys taking his dog Callie on long walks.

Education History

  • Engineering Chemical Engineering, Kansas State University


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