Dr. M. R. Chowdhury

Mechanical Engineering

Education History

  • B.S. Civil Engineering/Structural Engineering, Bangladesh University of Engineeting and Technology
  • Ph.D Civil Engineering, Univeristy of Cincinnati

Work Experience

Team Lead (A), U.S. Army Research Laboratory


A partial list of publications is given below.

Baker, Untaroiu, Crawford, and Chowdhury. Mechanical characterization and FE Implementation of the Soft Materials used in a Novel ATD for Simulating UBB Loading, J. of the Mechanical Behavior of Biomedical Material (4/2017).

Chowdhury and et al.; "Polymeric Materials Models in the WIAMan ATD Tech Demonstrator," ARL-TR-7927, January 2017.

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Gibson, et al.; Chowdhury.; "WIAMan Lumbar Spine Model Validation: Development, Testing, and Analysis of Physical and Computational Models of the WIAMan Lumbar Spine Materials Demonstrator," ARL-TR-7733, August 2016.

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