Mr. Robert Berardino

Space Systems Engineering

Current Courses

Education History

  • B.S. Computer Information Systems, Strayer University
  • M.S Business Administration, Strayer University

Work Experience

Principal Professional Staff, JHU Applied Physics Laboratory


A. Tucker IV, J. Curbo, R. Berardino (2019), "CAMVAS - Course of Action Modeling and Visualization in Augmented Space", USPTO Provisional Patent Application, File No. 5107-SPL, 4 Feb.

R. Berardino, A. Tucker IV, B. Schreurs (2018), "ARMOUR X - Augmented Reality Mission Operations UseR eXperience", USPTO Provisional Patent Application, File No. 5040-SPL, 25 Sep. 2018.

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R. Berardino, "Design Exploration - The Art of Prototyping and Mockups to Inspire Ideas." "Infusing Innovation Into Organizations: A Systems Engineering Approach." Ed. J. Krill and A. Darrin. CRC Press. 2016

E. Birrane, D. Zhang, R. Berardino, "A System-Independent Ground Software (SIGS) Approach for Telemetry Distribution" 65th International Astronautical Congress. 2014

E. Birrane, R. Berardino, “Location Independent Mission Operations: A Systems Engineering Approach to Mobile Device Data Dissemination,” Space Operations: Experience, Mission Systems, and Advanced Concepts. 2013

R. Berardino, "Walt Disney World and an iPhone" iPhone Life Magazine, June, 2010

Honors and Awards

  • Welch Scholar, Jack Welch Management Institute (2018)
  • JHU/APL Ignition Grant Prize for Innovation, Learning Category (2014)
  • JHU/APL Ignition Grant Prize for Innovation (2013)

Professional Organizations

Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE) Computer Society
Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE) Technology and Engineering Management Society (TEMS)