Dr. Andrew Stoddard

Environmental Engineering and Science

Personal Bio

Dr. Andy Stoddard, based in Leesburg in Northern Virginia, is a Senior Water Resources Engineer with Dynamic Solutions, LLC located in Knoxville, Tennessee. He began teaching in the JHU Engineering for Professionals Program in 2003 and, since 2014, he has co-taught the surface water component of online courses in Modeling Contaminant Migration through Multimedia Systems and Environmental Monitoring and Sampling.

He has extensive experience with federal, academic and consulting projects related to nutrient biogeochemistry, hydrology, aquatic ecology, and surface water modeling including applications of public domain models (HSPF, EFDC, WASP, and QUAL2K).  In projects performed for state and Federal agencies, he has applied his water quality expertise to Clean Water Act (CWA)-related policy and regulatory assessments for load allocations and waste load allocations for Total Maximum Daily Load determinations, NPDES permits, Water Quality Based Effluent Limits, and Numeric Nutrient Criteria studies. He has developed models of hydrodynamic transport, sediment, water quality/eutrophication, toxic chemical and heavy metals in streams, rivers, reservoirs, estuaries, and coastal waters. He has compiled flow and water quality monitoring data sets obtained from multiple data sources (e.g., Water Quality Portal, EPA STORET, USGS NWIS) to support development of models and water quality/biological assessments.Dr. Stoddard led a study identifying the water quality impact of CWA-mandated effluent regulations that earned recognition from EPA’s Office of Water as “the first national-scale study to provide a rigorous evaluation of the effectiveness of the effluent regulation policies in achieving the ‘fishable and swimmable’ goals of the CWA.”

He earned his Bachelor’s in Civil Engineering (B.CE) and Master’s in Environmental Engineering and Science (M. EE) from Manhattan College and he earned his Ph.D. in Environmental Engineering and Science from the University of Washington. He served as a commissioned officer in the U.S. Public Health Service and his work history includes EPA, Brookhaven National Laboratory (Division of Oceanographic Sciences), Science Applications International Corporation (SAIC), and Tetra Tech, Inc.

Education History

  • B.CE Civil Engineering, Manhattan College
  • M.EE Environmental Engineering & Science, Manhattan College
  • Ph.D. Environmental Engineering & Science, University of Washington

Work Experience

Senior Engineer, Dynamic Solutions, LLC.


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Honors and Awards

  • Who’s Who in Science and Engineering, 5th through 8th editions (2000)
  • Science Applications International Corp. (SAIC) publication prize for physical sciences (1986)

Professional Organizations

Coastal Estuarine Research Federation
American Society of Civil Engineers
Water Environment Federation
American Water Resources Association
American Geophysical Union
American Association Advancement of Science