Mr. Patrick Stakem

Electrical and Computer Engineering

Personal Bio

Mr. Stakem has Masters degrees in Applied Physics and Computer Science from JHU/APL.His undergraduate degree is BSEE from Carnegie Mellon University.

Education History

  • BS Electrical Eng/Applied Comp Sci, Carnegie Mellon U.
  • MS Applied Physics, JHU
  • MS Computer Science, JHU

Work Experience

Adjunct Faculty, JHU Whiting School of Engineering


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Honors and Awards

  • NASA Shuttle Program Managers Commendation Award (2011)
  • Community Outreach Awareness, for mentoring services to Summer Engineering Program, GSFC (2011)
  • Certificate of Appreciation, NASA Earth Science Technology Office (2000)
  • Academic Excellence Award for Webpage Design (1999)
  • NASA Group achievement awards (1983)
  • NASA Apollo-Soyuz Test Program Award (1973)