Dr. Matthew Henry

Systems Engineering

Personal Bio

Matt Henry (Ph.D., University of Virginia) is the Chief Scientist of the Cyber Systems Group at the Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Laboratory. His current research is model-based computer network security evaluation and implications of network security on mission assurance. In the recent past, he has also worked on systems to support nuclear forensics investigations, characterization of insurgent tactics and behaviors, and analytic frameworks for formal IA assessments. Matt's general research interests include model-based analysis and coordination of multiagent systems, systems architecting, and decision analysis. Prior to his association with JHU, Matt was employed as an algorithm developer and control system engineer in the automotive and aerospace industries.

Education History

  • Doctor of Philosophy Systems and Information Engineering, University of Virginia

Work Experience

Senior Professional Staff, JHU Applied Physics Laboratory


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Professional Organizations

Society of Risk Analysis
Association of Old Crows