Dr. Chris Fazi

Electrical and Computer Engineering

Personal Bio

I was a senior EE with the US Army Research Lab for almost 40 years involved in RF and microwaves research. I retired in 2013 and formed a consulting company (FES SP) working for Army agencies and programs mitigating EMI and RF effects on SATCOM communication facilities.

I have mentored EE graduate students and their projects at JHU and ARL for almost 30 years.

My hobbies include designing and building antennas for amateur radio, weak signal detection, compact ballistic RADARs for characterizing black powder firearms, sailing and scuba diving in the Caribbean.

My Ph.D. advisor was Prof Charles R. Westgate. I am greatly indebted to him for guiding and inspiring me throughout my latter academic years.

Education History

  • Ph.D EE RF, microwaves, and general E&M, The Johns Hopkins University

Work Experience

Lecturer, JHU Whiting School of Engineering, Engineering for Professionals


Over 50 publications in Antennas, RF mixing properties of wide-band-gap semiconductors, RF non-scattering and non-Linear RADAR.

Honors and Awards

  • US ARMY Hinmann Award (1986)

Professional Organizations