Dan Horn Associate Dean
Marielle Nuzback Senior Director of Operations
Tim Jarrett Director of Software Development
Nathan Graham Director of the Center for Digital and Media Initiatives
Paul Huckett Director of the Center for Learning Design
Doug Schiller Director of Admissions and Student Services
Ken Schappelle Director of Marketing, Communications, and Recruitment
Mark Tuminello Manager of Facilities
Program Leadership
Eileen Haase Program Chair
Applied Biomedical Engineering
James C. Spall Program Chair
Applied and Computational Mathematics
Program Co-Chair
Data Science
Harry K. Charles, Jr. Program Chair
Applied Physics
Michael Betenbaugh Program Chair
Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering
Rachel Sangree Program Chair
Civil Engineering
Brian K. Jennison Program Chair
Electrical and Computer Engineering
Timothy Collins Program Chair
Engineering Management
Technical Management
Hedy V. Alavi Program Chair
Environmental Engineering
Environmental Engineering and Science
Environmental Planning and Management
Thomas A. Longstaff Program Chair
Computer Science
Information Systems Engineering
Program Co-Chair
Data Science
David Audley Program Chair
Financial Mathematics
James Spicer Acting Program Chair
Materials Science and Engineering
Gregory Chirikjian Program Chair
Mechanical Engineering
Patrick Binning Program Chair
Space Systems Engineering
Ronald R. Luman Program Chair
Systems Engineering