June 20, 2014

Earlier this month, the Cybersecurity, Information Systems Engineering, and Computer Science programs at Johns Hopkins Engineering for Professionals teamed up to host the inaugural TechTalk seminar at the Johns Hopkins Applied Physics Laboratory.

During the event, featured speaker Marty Hall—an acclaimed Java expert, president of coreservlets.com, and an adjunct faculty member—gave students and faculty an inside look into the newest iteration of Java.

Java 8, asserted Hall, is the single most significant release of Java of all.

The seminar delved into the many reasons today's developers should think seriously about Java 8, including flexibility, convenience, speed, and adaptability. Hall explained the syntax and usage of Java 8 lambda expressions, introduced the concept streams, and gave several practical examples.

Approximately fifty people attended this TechTalk either in-person or online through a live web stream. The recording of the June 5 seminar, Changing How We Do Java: Lambda Expressions and Streams in Java 8, can be viewed on the Johns Hopkins Engineering for Professionals YouTube page.