February 1, 2014

Johns Hopkins University, in partnership with the INCOSE foundation, recently announced that Thuc Tran has received this year's Alexander Kossiakoff Scholarship Award.

The scholarship is intended to recognize and encourage students in master's or doctoral programs that are engaged in promising applied systems engineering research. The award carries a $5,000 grant and an optional paid internship at the Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Laboratory working on relevant systems engineering problems. Mr. Tran was provided with a plaque and recognition at the Annual INCOSE International Workshop.

Thuc Tran is a systems engineering master's student at George Washington University who is interested in developing a framework to be used in the cost savings migration of legacy systems into newer platforms. The high cost of maintenance, lower performance against current threats and needs, and opportunities to infuse additional software into existing systems provides a systems engineering challenge needing more research and attention.

Mr. Tran is an applications developer at Hewlett-Packard and holds a BS in IT from George Mason University. His work experience and focus on software efficiencies for legacy systems are excellent credentials to meet the needs of both government and commercial system development.

Congratulations Thuc!

Prior awardees include:

  • Douglas Orellana; Systems Architecting & Engineering Doctoral Student; University of Southern California
  • Gabriel Lewis; Systems Engineering Masters Student; George Mason University

Scholarship criteria includes:

  • Rigor and creativity of proposed applied research
  • Potential application to the Johns Hopkins Applied Physics Laboratory
  • Strength of resume and bio-sketch
  • Strength of academic recommendations
  • Additional attributes noted in the applicant's materials that go beyond the application requirements

To apply for next year's award:

  • Applications are due December 1, 2014
  • Each applicant must submit an application package to include a complete resume
  • Include a brief bio-sketch, and a description of the research areas of interest
  • Include a discussion of the contribution and expected outcomes that will benefit applications of interest to APL
  • Applicants must have two letters of recommendation submitted by two faculty references
  • Send completed application and faculty references to Ms. Holly Witte, INCOSE Foundation Managing Director, by December 1
  • Applicant must be a U.S. citizen and an admitted student in a master's or doctoral program in systems engineering at an accredited university
  • Applicants may not receive more than one award

To obtain further information, please contact ep-se@jhu.edu.