Don't Miss These Short Courses in Java
January 19, 2016

Johns Hopkins Engineering is excited to welcome Java guru Marty Hall back for another series of short courses this spring.

Offered on-site at our campus in Elkridge, Maryland, these non-credit short courses provide fast and immediately practical training for working professionals in the computer science field.

The short courses being offered this spring include:

Systems Engineering Seminar: Device Will Help Doctors Treat Asthma and Allergies
January 7, 2016

As it happens with many medical conditions, doctors often have to rely on their patients’ memories to help them come up with the best treatments.

In the case of asthma and allergies, an allergist might ask his/her patient questions about weekly inhaler use, typical symptoms, the locations and situations where the inhaler was needed, and specific activities that might have triggered the symptoms.

It then falls to the patient to accurately recall the answers.

Hopkins Instructor Recognized as Outstanding Young Engineer by Maryland Science Center
December 17, 2015

At the Johns Hopkins Applied Physics Lab, Robert Armiger is focusing on improving the lives of U.S. service members.

Systems Engineering Seminar: Improving the Safety of Taxis in India
November 10, 2015

The taxicab industry in India is booming. Due to advancements in technology, the availability of low-cost Android smart phones, and growing high-speed Internet access, it's become a rapidly growing intra-city business throughout the country.

Because the growth has been so sudden, however, Indian taxicab systems are notoriously unreliable and unavailable. Unfortunately, in recent years, there have also been reports of crimes either committed by passengers or the drivers themselves.

Systems Engineering Seminar: How to Advance CubeSat Technology
October 13, 2015

In the aerospace industry, CubeSats—which are essentially mini satellites—have become a valuable platform for technology demonstration and scientific discovery.

Johns Hopkins Boosts Online Options with Applied Biomedical Engineering Master's Degree
June 30, 2015

Johns Hopkins Engineering for Professionals, the division of the Johns Hopkins University Whiting School of Engineering that administers part-time and online graduate programs, has announced that students can now complete its Applied Biomedical Engineering program online.

Civil Engineering Chair Rachel Sangree Honored by American Society of Civil Engineers
June 16, 2015

Rachel Sangree, chair of the Civil Engineering program at Johns Hopkins Engineering for Professionals, recently received the 2015 Outstanding Engineering Educator Award from the Maryland section of the American Society of Civil Engineers.

Dr. Sangree has been serving as the chair of the Civil Engineering program since 2010.

InfoWorld Recognizes Instructor Ed Cormier
October 1, 2014

Ed Cormier, a long-time instructor for the Systems Engineering program at Johns Hopkins Engineering for Professionals, was recently recognized with a 2014 InfoWorld Technology Leadership Award.

The award honors technology leaders in the categories of business management, IT management, technology creation/enhancement, and technology deployment.

At the INCOSE International Symposium 2014
August 1, 2014

Johns Hopkins University was once again a proud sponsor of the INCOSE (International Council of Systems Engineers) International Symposium this year. Held in Las Vegas, the conference provided an excellent venue for meetings, technical papers, networking, and sharing the latest advances in the field.

Johns Hopkins hosted many visitors to our exhibit explaining the program and opportunities to advance their skills in systems engineering. Interviews Program Chair Ronald Luman
October 1, 2014, a website that provides informative and inspiring stories to a worldwide audience of engineers, recently interviewed Dr. Ronald Luman, the program chair for the Systems Engineering program at Johns Hopkins Engineering for Professionals.


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