Adaptive Teaching During a Pandemic: Introducing State-of-the-Art Studios
August 31, 2020

In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, Johns Hopkins Engineering for Professionals (EP) program has created 34 portable, state-of-the-art teaching studios designed to bring an in-person feeling to students taking remote live and online classes.

August 2020 Program News
August 20, 2020

Johns Hopkins Engineering Advances: Professional engineering program news.

2020 Faculty Award Winners
August 17, 2020

Johns Hopkins Engineering for Professionals’ 2020 Faculty Awards honor 15 outstanding online and part-time instructors for their dedication in the classroom this past year. Although the 2020 spring faculty meeting was cancelled in response to the novel coronavirus, we nonetheless celebrate all of our award recipients!

Systems Engineering Seminar: Developing New Delivery Technology for Type 1 Diabetes
August 17, 2020

After years of watching his wife live with type 1 diabetes, Eric Villhauer, a Systems Engineering alumni and senior engineering manager in the Flight Controls Systems department with North Carolina-based Collins Aerospace, began to use to use his engineering degree to help people living with diabetes.

New Chair: Systems Engineering
August 13, 2020

Andrew Merkle, the mission area executive for Research and Exploratory Development (RED) at the Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Laboratory (APL), has been appointed chair of the Engineering for Professionals’ Systems Engineering Program, effective July 1.

Systems Engineering Seminar: ARD Lets Astronomers Image Night Sky Regardless of Location, Weather, and More
June 1, 2020

The way Andrew Serio saw it, the recent explosion in the popularity and availability of drones for commercial and hobby use and the advances in lightweight optical and hardware materials created a perfect storm of opportunity that he wanted to take advantage of.

Systems Engineering Seminar: Getting Marine Pilots Safely On Board
April 17, 2020

Amir Bijandi watched in horror as a marine pilot tumbled from a 20-foot ladder and down into a churning sea, where he was almost sucked into a ship's swirling propeller before being rescued. The pilot had been attempting to transfer from a small boat onto the 1-million-ton vessel, so that he could help the captain navigate it into the port of Baltimore. Regulations require that large ships entering local waterways take these expert marine pilots aboard to help avoid navigational hazards.

April 2020 Program News
March 30, 2020

Johns Hopkins Engineering Advances: Professional engineering program news.

Systems Engineering Seminar: Safer, More Reliable and Efficient Pneumatics
March 12, 2020

Industrial facilities such as refineries and chemical processing plants rely heavily on the use of compressed air for a variety of purposes, such as actuating valves as materials flow through vessels, reactors, and pipes. Compressed air is also used in these facilities to purge enclosures housing electronic equipment of hazardous vapors. The financial and safety risks associated with failure or malfunction of these pneumatic devices are substantial.

Systems Engineering Seminar: Improving Perioperative Cardiac Care
February 11, 2020

A cardiac anesthesiologist and critical care interventionist at the Johns Hopkins Hospital, Michael Grant is acutely aware of challenges that health care teams face when seeking to provide the best care to patients undergoing and recovering from cardiac surgery.


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