December 17, 2015

On November 17, Dr. John Callahan joined us as part of our regular TechTalk series to lead a discussion on Blockchain: The Part of the Iceberg Beneath Bitcoin.

Bitcoin is a digital currency that allows transactions to be performed over the Internet without the need for a credit card or bank. Blockchain is the database or public ledger of all the transactions in the Bitcoin network. According to the World Economic Forum, blockchain is among the twenty-one tipping point technologies expected to have a significant impact before the year 2027.

In his TechTalk, Callahan explored blockchain's anticipated impact by discussing its general structure, foundation, vulnerabilities, and potential new applications. For more information, you can review his complete slide deck or watch the recording.

Callahan is currently the chief scientist of the Applied Information Sciences branch of the Asymmetric Operations sector at the Johns Hopkins Applied Physics Laboratory.

TechTalks are geared toward students and faculty in the Computer Science, Cybersecurity, and Information Systems Engineering programs, but are also open to the public via live stream.

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