May 8, 2015

On March 31, 2015, Karthik Shyamsunder led the third in the new TechTalk series offered by Johns Hopkins Engineering for Professionals. These interactive seminars are geared toward students and faculty in the Computer Science, Cybersecurity, and Information Systems Engineering programs, but are also open to the public via live stream.

In this latest TechTalk, entitled Hadoop: A Perfect Platform for Big Data and Data Science, Shyamsunder explored the expanding fields of big data and data science. Google, Facebook, and LinkedIn, as Shyamsunder demonstrated, have changed the way products are being developed by basing their success on large-scale data collection and analysis.

Shyamsunder suggested that Hadoop has emerged as a perfect platform for processing big data since many of the tools and technologies needed for data science are built within Java.

Karthik Shyamsunder has been an instructor with Johns Hopkins Engineering for Professionals since 1999, receiving an Excellence in Teaching award. He earned his MS in computer science from Johns Hopkins University and has worked in the software industry for more than twenty-two years. He currently serves as principal technologist at VeriSign. In 2010, he was inducted into the Oracle/JavaOne hall of fame and has twice been awarded Oracle’s Rock Star award.

More than fifty people attended this TechTalk both in-person and online. For more information, you can review the complete slide deck or watch the recording on our YouTube channel.

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