Johns Hopkins Engineering for Professionals Launches New Website
April 21, 2015

Johns Hopkins Engineering for Professionals launched a redesigned website today that showcases new and enhanced features for prospective students, current students, faculty, and alumni.

Top Instructors Receive 2014 Faculty Awards
October 13, 2014

Every year, Johns Hopkins Engineering for Professionals recognizes outstanding faculty members for their contributions in the classroom—both on-site and online.

Congratulations to the dedicated faculty members selected for the 2014 Faculty Awards. They represent a broad spectrum of real-world skills and professional expertise in many fields.

Save Your Seat for Marty Hall’s Short Courses
October 30, 2014

Back by popular demand, Marty Hall's Java-related short course series will run from November 2014 through February. Offered at the Johns Hopkins Engineering for Professionals building in Elkridge, these non-credit professional training classes are based on some of the most popular courses in the Computer Science program.

InfoWorld Recognizes Instructor Ed Cormier
October 1, 2014

Ed Cormier, a long-time instructor for the Systems Engineering program at Johns Hopkins Engineering for Professionals, was recently recognized with a 2014 InfoWorld Technology Leadership Award.

The award honors technology leaders in the categories of business management, IT management, technology creation/enhancement, and technology deployment.

At the INCOSE International Symposium 2014
August 1, 2014

Johns Hopkins University was once again a proud sponsor of the INCOSE (International Council of Systems Engineers) International Symposium this year. Held in Las Vegas, the conference provided an excellent venue for meetings, technical papers, networking, and sharing the latest advances in the field.

Johns Hopkins hosted many visitors to our exhibit explaining the program and opportunities to advance their skills in systems engineering. Interviews Program Chair Ronald Luman
October 1, 2014, a website that provides informative and inspiring stories to a worldwide audience of engineers, recently interviewed Dr. Ronald Luman, the program chair for the Systems Engineering program at Johns Hopkins Engineering for Professionals.

Practicing Systems Engineers Must Be "Systems Thinkers"
September 1, 2014

The INCOSE Systems Engineering Handbook states, Systems engineering is a profession, a process, and a perspective… Here we will focus on the perspective definition: Systems engineering is an interdisciplinary approach and means to enable the realization of successful systems.

The INCOSE Systems Engineering Handbook further defines the systems engineering perspective in some detail:

Systems Engineering and Analytics
August 1, 2014

The systems engineer has many responsibilities in the development of a complex system. While there are many subjective and qualitative decisions to make, analytical skills and knowledge are essential to understand the technical work of the team and to comprehend the fundamental physics and math principles that underlie the design and system performance.

Lifelong Learning Skills Are Critical to Practicing Systems Engineers
July 1, 2014

Practicing systems engineers must be able to learn and adapt in an environment of dynamic and constantly changing challenges. Being a lifelong learner is a critical skill for a systems engineer in a world in which technical knowledge is doubling at a rate that is difficult to measure.

Engineers! Don’t Rush to a Solution!
August 1, 2014

We are problems solvers. We are creative and innovative. We like quick gratification. We want to develop products and make things. Sound familiar? From a young age and through much of our educational experiences, we learn that rewards and satisfaction come to those first in line with an answer, even if it might be the wrong one!