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This course provides masters students in mechanical engineering the opportunity to conduct original research for a thesis under the guidance of a faculty advisor. Students will identify a research topic, review relevant literature, develop research questions and/or hypotheses, design a study methodology, collect and analyze data, and interpret findings. The culmination of the course is a scholarly project report suitable for publication that demonstrates the student’s mastery of mechanical engineering research methods and their ability to advance knowledge in the field. The research must be conducted at the level of at least a master’s degree, as determined by the student’s research advisor, which can be an academic advisor, a current full-time faculty member at the Department of Mechanical Engineering at Johns Hopkins University, a research staff member at the Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Laboratory, or an active instructor affiliated with one of the Engineering for Professionals programs. Prior written approval of the advisor and the program chair must be received before enrolling in this course. The thesis approval form (see must be approved prior to registration.