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Environmental Engineering
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This course covers the fundamental but practical issues of water distribution systems and wastewater/stormwater collection systems. Specific topics of interest in water supply include water supply master planning; design of water storage facilities, water mains, and pumping stations; distribution-system water quality; and service connection issues. Topics covered under wastewater/stormwater collection include hydrology and hydraulics of stormwater/wastewater conveyance systems; design of stormwater detention and retention facilities; and collection system control technologies including green infrastructure. Also covered are regulations governing sanitary sewer overflows (SSOs) and combined sewer overflows (CSOs); public health, environmental, and economic impacts of SSOs and CSOs; sewer system evaluation and rehabilitation methods; stormwater best management practices; and the benefits and challenges of water reuse. Through research papers and discussion forums, students examine case studies that illustrate diverse practical situations and stimulate creative ideas for solving real-life design problems.

Course Prerequisite(s)

EN.575.601 Fluid Mechanics or an equivalent course in fluid flow or hydraulics.

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There are no sections currently offered, however you can view a sample syllabus from a prior section of this course.