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Applied Biomedical Engineering
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This course is designed to provide in-depth instruction in cardiovascular physiology and pathophysiology, exploring the body’s own intrinsic feedback responses to cardiovascular perturbations as well as extrinsic engineering interventions related to the prevention, diagnosis, and/or treatment of those perturbations. Course topics are approached through a systems engineering lens, examining how both intrinsic control systems and extrinsic interventions support the nuanced, complex, and interdependent functions of the cardiovascular system. Students will also research and present on selected current advances in cardiovascular engineering.

Course Prerequisite(s)

EN.585.601 Physiology for Applied Biomedical Engineering I; EN.585.602 Physiology for Applied Biomedical Engineering II or written permission from the instructor.

Course Offerings

There are no sections currently offered, however you can view a sample syllabus from a prior section of this course.