Course Number
Primary Program
Space Systems Engineering
Course Format
Onsite, Virtual Live

This course covers the creative and generative side of space mission engineering. Highly successful space science and exploration missions are the result of close collaboration between scientists who define the highest-level goals and the engineers who provide the means to make the measurements necessary to achieve those goals. In addition, mission formulation teams must understand the external strategic environment that supports a mission, specifically the government sponsors, their funding capabilities, how their priorities get set, and the cycles they go through. This course will help the student develop an understanding of that external environment, the process of collaboration between the scientists and the engineers and their sponsors, and how to frame mission goals and requirements in terms that lead to mission success. The instructors will provide insight into the formulation of scientific investigations, the process of crafting a compelling and accurate narrative for a mission proposal. Topics also include: derivation of mission requirements, launch vehicle capabilities and selection; mission architecture elements; and project flow from pre-proposal through mission confirmation.

Course Prerequisite(s)

Completion of 675.600 Systems Engineering for Space and 675.601 Fundamentals of Engineering Space System, or with approval of the instructor.