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The course covers security and privacy topics on the Internet of Things (IoT) and aims to provide the students with a comprehensive, practical approach to analyze weaknesses and learn security and privacy best practices that apply to highly heterogeneous IoT devices and networks. The course introduces widely used IoT platforms (e.g., SmartThings, AWS IoT, openHAB, Windows IoT) and compares them based on technical criteria such as network topology used, programming languages, communication protocols, and security/privacy considerations. The students will have an opportunity to understand and analyze common cybersecurity and privacy threats impacting IoT technologies, and reviews key security concepts, communication/network protocols, and cryptographic algorithms used to countermeasure those threats. Additionally, the course proposes a comprehensive security methodology to protect the IoT at different levels of the IoT architectural stack (e.g., hardware, software, application, and system). The methodology reviews novel security and privacy solutions proposed in the literature and evaluates their effectiveness and practicality.

Course Prerequisite(s)

EN.695.644 Digital Forensics Technologies and Techniques or equivalent course with some knowledge of Network Security.