Brock Wester is a project manager and assistant group supervisor for the Intelligent Systems Group in the Research and Exploratory Development department of the Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Laboratory. He is also the vice chair of the Engineering for Professionals applied biomedical engineering program.

Wester received a BS in computer engineering from the Georgia Institute of Technology and a joint PhD in biomedical engineering from the Georgia Institute of Technology and Emory University. He has led research in areas of brain-computer and neural interfaces, prosthetics, connectomics, virtual and augmented reality, traumatic brain injury, and blast injury.

Education History

  • B.S. Computer Engineering, Georgia Institute of Technology
  • Ph.D Biomedical Engineering, Georgia Institute of Technology

Work Experience

Principal Professional Staff, JHU Applied Physics Laboratory


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Honors and Awards

  • Georgia Tech Council of Outstanding Young Engineering Alumni (2014)
  • Georgia Tech Impact Scholarship (2010)
  • National Science Foundation STEP Fellow (2007)
  • National Science Foundation IGERT Fellow (2005)

Professional Organizations

Society for Neuroscience