Over 20 years of experience in the post-tensioning field and other structural areas covering American building codes as well as international codes with a focus on research & development, structural design, repair and strengthening, process set up, and training programs. Responsible for designing new bonded and unbonded post-tensioning systems with various filed patents. Have been teaching for several years Prestressed Concrete for both pre-tensioning and post-tensioning.  

Involved in several committees at ACI (American Concrete Institute), PTI (Post-Tensioning Institute), and fib (International Federation of Concrete). Currently serving as the Chair of ACI 320 which is an upcoming building code for post-tensioning, member of ACI 318, Chair of PTI Building Design Committee, and a member of PTI Technical Advisory Board.  

Education History

  • B.S. Civil Engineering, Saint Joseph University
  • M S Civil Engineering, Johns Hopkins University
  • MBA Business Administration, ESA Business School
  • Ph D Civil Engineering, Johns Hopkins University

Work Experience

Chief Technical Officer, CCL


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Hayek, C., Saleem, K., “Structural Efficiency from a Sustainability Perspective”, ”, Post Tensioning Institute Journal, December 2012
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Honors and Awards

  • PTI James R. Cagley Medal for Most Active Technical Committee Chair (2017)
  • PTI Kenneth Bondy Award for Most Meritorious Technical Paper (2014)
  • PTI Fellow Award (2013)
  • FM Global Directors Team Award (2006)
  • RMS Innovation Award (2006)
  • FM Global Forum Award (2005)

Professional Organizations

Post Tensioning Institute PTI
International Federation of Concrete
Post Tensioning Institute PTI
American Concrete Association ACI
American Concrete Institute ACI
American Concrete Institute ACI