Christina holds a Ph.D. in Biomedical Engineering from University of California, Davis where her dissertation focused on identifying properties of equine arena surfaces which elevated the risk of musculoskeletal injury to show jumping horses. The ultimate goal of her Ph.D. research was to develop a set of standards for arena surface properties that minimize tendon and ligament injuries of jumping horses. To this end she fabricated
a custom mechanical testing device to monitor arena surface properties, conducted a live animal study of jumping horses, and developed a computer model of the equine forelimb.

Christina also holds a Bachelor of Science in Biomedical Engineering from Texas A&M University where she participated in research developing a robotic testing apparatus which replicated canine hip motion to test the failure properties of orthopedic implants used to prevent hip subluxation. She also interned at Missouri Bone and Joint Research Foundation where she studied failure mechanisms of human total hip and knee implants.

Christina currently works at Movora as a Product Design Engineer. In this capacity she designs a variety of orthopedic implants for veterinary applications including total joint replacements, bone plates, screws, and surgical instrumentation. She is also responsible for implant evaluation and testing. Christina also has eight years of instructional experience teaching Introductory Biomedical Engineering Design, 3D Modeling in Solidworks, and Capstone Design Courses at University of California, Davis.

In her spare time, Christina also volunteers for the FIRST robotics competition teaching engineering design principles and teamwork to groups of high school students. She also enjoys solving and designing puzzles for escape rooms using Arduino and Raspberry Pi microcontrollers.

Education History

  • PHD Biomedical Engineering, University of California Davis

Work Experience

Assistant Professor, JHU Whiting School of Engineering, Engineering for Professionals


Rohlf CM, Garcia-Nolen TC, Fyhrie DP, le Jeune SS, Peterson ML, Stover SM. Shear Ground Reaction Force Variation Among Equine Arena Surfaces. The Veterinary Journal: In Press.
Rohlf CM, Garcia-Nolen TC, Fyhrie DP, le Jeune SS, Peterson ML, Stover SM. Arena Surface Vertical Impact Forces Vary with Surface Compaction. The Veterinary Journal: In Press.
Rohlf CM, Garcia-Nolen TC, Fyhrie DP, Marsh LJ, Acutt EV, le Jeune SS, Stover SM. Evaluating the Effect of Jumping Phase, Leading Limb, and Arena Surface Type on Forelimb Hoof Movement. Animals: In Press.

Honors and Awards

  • UC Davis College of Engineering Alumni Spotlight (2023)
  • Center for Equine Health Rowan Fellowship (2022)
  • UC Davis Graduate Student Teaching Award Nominee (2021)
  • Center for Equine Health Fellowship in Equine Research (2021)

Professional Organizations

American Society of Biomechanics
Biomedical Engineering Society
Veterinary Orthopedic Society
Society of Women Engineers