Education History

  • B.S. Physics, The University of Arizona
  • M.S. Systems Engineering, The Johns Hopkins University
  • M.S. Information Systems and Technology, The Johns Hopkins University
  • Ph.D Systems Engineering / Operations Research, George Mason University

Work Experience

Principal Professional Staff, JHU Applied Physics Laboratory


“Cyber-Physical Systems Engineering Mission Risk Analysis”, INCOSE GLRC 12-13 October 2017.
“Development of a Systems Engineering Methodology to Evaluate the Critical Infrastructure (CI) Sector Contribution to Emergency Management Missions”, INCOSE GLRC 18-20 September 2016.
“Smart City Critical Infrastructure Resiliency Assessment”, INCOSE GLRC 23-25 October 2015.
“Holistic Network of Networks Seaport Interdependency Evaluation”, International Symposium for Next Generation Infrastructure (ISNGI), 14-15 September 2015.
“Measuring the Uncertainty Impacts During the Systems Engineering Lifecycle”, INCOSE International Symposium, 13 July 2015.
“Preferential System Connectivity and its Impact on Performance “, INCOSE International Symposium, 30 June 2014.
“Border Security System Resiliency Evaluation Framework “, International Engineering Systems Symposium (CESUN), 8 June 2014.
“Evaluating the System of Systems Requirements Allocation Process”, PhD Dissertation, George Mason University, 2013.
“Developing an Allocation of System of Systems Requirements for Border Security”, Flanigan and Brouse, INCOSE International Symposium, 2013.
“Evaluating the Allocation of Border Security System of Systems Requirements”, Flanigan and Brouse, Conference on Systems Engineering Research (CSER) 2013.
“Measuring the Requirements Allocation Capacity within a System of Systems”, Flanigan and Brouse, INCOSE International Symposium, 2012.
“System of Systems Requirements Capacity Allocation”, Flanigan and Brouse, Conference on Systems Engineering Research (CSER) 2012.

Honors and Awards

  • JHU Graduate with Honors, MS Systems Engineering (2007)

Professional Organizations

Military Operations Research Society (MORS)
International Council of Systems Engineering (INCOSE)
Institute for Operations Research and the Management Sciences (INFORMS)