Education History

  • BS Bioengineering, University of Maryland

Work Experience

Lecturer, Johns Hopkins University


Livingston, N. K.*, Est-Witte, S. E.*, Omotoso, M. O.*, Green, J. J., Schneck, J. P., (2021). Nanoparticles for generating antigen-specific T cells for immunotherapy. Seminars in Immunology. (* denotes equal authorship)

Chaisawangwong, W., Kouo, T., Salathe, S.F., Wang, H., Isser, A., Bieler, J.G., Livingston, N.K., Li, S., Horowitz, J.S., Samet, R.E., Zyskind, I., Rosenberg, A.Z., and Schneck, J.P., (2021). Cross-reactivity between SARS-CoV-2 and Influenza A specific T cell responses in SARS-CoV-2 exposed (infected) individuals. JCI Insight. 2022;7(18):e158308.

Rhodes, K. R., Isser, A., Hickey, J. W., Ben-Akiva, E., … Livingston, N. K., … Green, J. J. (2021). Biodegradable Cationic Polymer Blends for Fabrication of Enhanced Artificial Antigen Presenting Cells to Treat Melanoma. ACS Applied Materials and Interfaces, 13, 7923.

Livingston, N. K.*, Isser, A.*, & Schneck, J. P. (2021). Biomaterials to enhance antigen-specific T cell expansion for cancer immunotherapy. Biomaterials, 268, 120584. (* denotes equal authorship)

Honors and Awards

  • NIH F31 Individual Predoctoral Fellow (2022)
  • Distinguished Teaching Assistant in Biomedical Engineering (2021)
  • NSF Graduate Research Fellow (2018)
  • Turock Young Scientist Award (2018)

Professional Organizations

Alpha Eta Mu Beta