Samson Jarso received his Ph.D. training in the Biophysics group at the University of California Berkeley. He went on to a postdoctoral fellowship in the FM Kirby Center at Johns Hopkins University. Subsequently, He became a junior faculty member in the Department of Radiology at Johns Hopkins University. Samson then turned his attention toward both biomedical engineering capacity building and healthcare strengthening in a global health setting.

He formed the Andromeda Institute for Innovation and Implementation Science with the support of the business office at Johns Hopkins University, the Department of Radiology, and the Center for Bioengineering Innovation and Design. After that, he received a US State Department Fulbright Scholarship Grant to apply his training toward healthcare strengthening in Uganda, where he continues to work and live.


Education History

  • PhD BioPhysics, University of California Berkeley

Work Experience

Adjunct Faculty, JHU Whiting School of Engineering, Engineering for Professionals


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Honors and Awards

  • US Department of State Fulbright Grant Scholarship (2018)
  • US Department of State Fulbright Grant Scholarship (2017)

Professional Organizations

Society for Medical Decision Making
Biomedical Engineering Society
Biophysical Society