Tom is the instructor for 695.744 Reverse Engineering and Vulnerability Analysis, 695.612 Operating Systems Security and he previously taught 695.622 Web Security. In addition, he has taught private trainings for Windows Internals, Malware Analysis, and Microsoft and Cisco Networking courses. Tom is also an advisor in the Computer Science and Cybersecurity departments as well as a Cybersecurity Focus Area Coordinator.

Tom holds a B.A, Mathematics from William Paterson University and a M.S, Computer Science with a focus on Networking and Operating Systems from Johns Hopkins University. He has been working in the computer security field for 20+ years and really enjoys teaching, especially Computer Science and Information Assurance. Being an avid researcher, Tom believes the computer security field is one of the most critical and exciting fields a working professional can be in. His research interests include:

– binary analysis and instrumentation with a focus on malicious software

– cryptography

– operating system design and security

– mobile device security

– network security

– optimal network routing

– general information security

– machine learning applied to biology and cs/cyber

– biotech

Education History

  • Bachelor of Arts Mathematics, William Paterson University
  • Masters of Science Computer Science, Johns Hopkins University

Work Experience

Co-Founder / CTO, Bantam Technologies


Cloud Penetration Testing (joint with student Ralph LaBarge) – International Journal on Cloud Computing (December 2012)

Tech Editor for The Art of Mac Malware 2022

Honors and Awards

  • JHU EP Distinguished Instructor 2022 – 2023 (2023)
  • Excellence in Instruction and Dedication (JHU) (2017)
  • Excellence in Teaching – New Instructor (JHU) (2012)
  • CSC Key Contributor to Current and Future Opportunities (2011)

Professional Organizations

Association for Computing Machinery
Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers