An rendering of a scene with submersible, a hypersonic aircraft and a satellite.
Image via DALL·E 3

Johns Hopkins Engineering for Professionals online master’s program in mechanical engineering—ranked 7th in the nation by U.S. News & World Report—has launched three new focus areas for student specialization:

Aerospace Engineering: Immersing students in the analysis, design, and development of aircraft, spacecraft, satellites, and rockets.

Hypersonic Technologies: Emphasizing the complex multidisciplinary challenges associated with sustained hypersonic flight, spanning speeds from Mach 5 to orbital velocities.

Ocean Engineering: Exploring ship hydrodynamics, offshore platforms, subsea pipelines, ocean instrumentation, wave/tidal energy, and environmental monitoring.

“From underwater and space exploration to understanding land erosion and enabling hypersonic travel, our goal is to cultivate a new generation of mechanical engineers who are well-prepared to make their mark in these exciting and evolving fields,” said Professor Jaafar El-Awady, program chair. “These focus areas were developed to immerse students in highly relevant, practical knowledge they can immediately apply in their career.”

Additionally, the mechanical engineering program will be introducing new courses beginning in the fall 2024 and spring 2025 terms: