Frequently Asked Questions for Prospective Students

Where do I send my application, transcripts, resume, etc?

Please send applications, transcripts, resume, notification of completion of conditional acceptance, transfer credit requests, etc. to:

Engineering for Professionals
Whiting School of Engineering
Johns Hopkins University
6810 Deerpath Road, Suite 100
Elkridge, MD 21075

Is the program accredited?

The University is accredited by the Middle States Association of Colleges and Schools. The Accreditation Board for Engineering and Technology (ABET) is the accrediting authority for engineering and technology programs in the United States. University and colleges may choose to have their basic (undergraduate) or advanced (graduate) programs accredited, but not both. Nearly every engineering school, including the Whiting School chooses to have its basic programs accredited by ABET.

What is the application deadline?

Applications are accepted on a continuing basis.

What is the cost per course?

Our graduate course charges are by course rather than credit hour. Please see the Tuition and Fees section of the catalog for more details.

What is the credit value per course?

Credit hours are not assigned for graduate level courses (400-level and above). However, if credits are required for transfer purposes, all courses at the 400-level and above are interpreted as carrying the equivalent of three credits.

Where does the program offer courses?

Courses are offered at:

For more information, please see our locations page—there you can find maps, driving directions, parking information, and more.

How long do I have to complete a degree?

To be counted toward the degree or certificate, all course work in the program must be completed within a specified period which begins with the start of the first course in the student's program:

  • Master's Degree—5 years
  • Post-Master's Certificate—3 years
  • Graduate Certificate—3 years

Are transfer credits accepted?

For the master's degree, requests will be considered on an individual basis. Courses must be graduate-level and directly applicable to the student's program of study in Engineering for Professionals. Requests should be submitted, in writing, to the appropriate Program Chair. Please also provide a course description. The fee for transfer is $350 per course.

What degrees do you offer?

Master's degrees are offered in: Applied Biomedical Engineering, Applied and Computational Mathematics, Applied Physics, Bioinformatics, Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering, Civil Engineering, Computer Science, Cybersecurity, Electrical and Computer Engineering, Engineering Management, Environmental Engineering, Environmental Engineering and Science, Environmental Planning and Management, Information Systems Engineering, Materials Science and Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Space Systems Engineering, Systems Engineering, and Technical Management. A post-master's certificate is offered in Climate Change, Energy, and Environmental Sustainability.

Can I take courses without getting a degree?

Yes, you may register as a Special Student or in a certificate program. The only stipulation is that you fulfill the admission requirements and meet the prerequisites for courses in which you are interested.

Are there advisors available?

All students are assigned advisors.

Do you offer certificate programs?

Yes. We offer post-master's and graduate certificates.

Do you offer financial aid?

Federal financial aid in the form of grants and student loans is available to part-time degree candidates who are enrolled in two or more courses per term (or the equivalent of at least six credits).

How many courses are required for a degree?

  • Ten courses are required for a master's degree.
  • Six courses are required for an post-master's certificate.
  • Six courses are required for a graduate certificate.

Is a thesis or a comprehensive exam required?

No, a thesis or a comprehensive exam is not required.

What times are classes offered?

Classes are typically offered during the evening, Monday through Friday, and Saturday mornings and afternoons. Select courses are offered online.

Can I audit a course?

Students may register as auditors with the approval of the appropriate program advisor. Although regular attendance is expected of auditors, they are exempt from quizzes, examinations, and other assigned work, and they receive no credit for the course.

Students who are enrolled for credit but wish to become auditors must file the "add/drop" form before the deadline listed for each term in the Academic Calendar. There is no reduction in fees when auditing a course. Students who take courses for credit are given enrollment priority over auditors.

When does the semester begin and end?

Please refer to the Academic Calendar for other semesters/terms.

I have not applied yet. Can I still take a class this semester/term?

Please contact the Engineering for Professionals office at 1-800-JHU-ENGR or 410-516-2300.

I have graduated with a master's degree from your program. Can I come back to take additional courses?

Yes. For more information, please see the information in the catalog for Second Master's Degree, post-master's certificate Candiate, or Non-degree seeking students.

I am a student with a disability. Where can I learn about disability services offered?

Johns Hopkins Engineering for Professionals is committed to providing reasonable and appropriate accommodations to students with disabilities. Please visit the Disability Services page for more information.