To create an inclusive culture that celebrates disability as an area of diversity while ensuring equitable experiences for all students.


Student Disability Services collaborates to create an inclusive community for students with disabilities by proactively removing barriers, raising awareness of equitable practices, and fostering an appreciation of disability as an area of diversity while utilizing a wide range of approaches from universal design to individualized accommodations.

Who We Serve

Our office serves graduate students within the Engineering for Professionals (EP) Program in the Whiting School of Engineering. For students whose primary school is not EP, here is a list of disability services staff by school. For other information related to University-wide offerings, please review the university’s student accommodations page.

Approximately 6% of the student population across JHU (university-wide) receives services from SDS.

Requesting Accommodation

After admission and before classes start, students with disabilities should immediately contact the Student Disability Services to discuss procedures, review written policies, and address any disability-related concerns.

This applies both to new students and to current/continuing students who are requesting accommodation for the first time. While students can apply for accommodations at any time, it is extreme beneficial to apply in advance of a semester beginning as certain services and accommodations may require significant advanced planning.

Note: Students with injuries or concussion may need temporary accommodations while experiencing a short term disability. Provisional accommodations may also be provided while students are seeking an evaluation to determine the presence of a disability or the specific services or accommodations needed.

New Students

To begin the registration process with Student Disability Services and to establish eligibility for disability-related accommodations and services, please complete the following form and uploaded supporting documentation.

For Summer 2022:  Accommodate Registration Form

Beginning Fall 2022: AIM Registration Form

Students who are brand new to working with SDS can submit an application to start the process.

Supporting documentation should be from a qualified diagnostician, and  identifies the type of disability, describes the current level of functioning in an academic setting, and lists recommended accommodations. Please review the Documentation Guidelines for Individuals with Disabilities for more information on supporting documentation.

Once your form and documentation are received, the next step in the process will be to meet with an SDS professional staff member to discuss your needs and potential accommodations. Student Disability Services reviews all documentation and works in partnership with students to determine the most effective and timely accommodations.

If you have any difficulty providing documentation or need more information about any aspect of the process, please contact Allison Leventhal at [email protected].

Returning Students

Students with approved accommodations can request accommodations using the AIM Student Portal and by following the Student Guidelines for Requesting Accommodation through AIM. The portal will be accessed using your Hopkins JHED ID and password. Single sign on will work after the first time if you use it.

Letters will be sent directly to faculty on your behalf. To view a copy of your letter please go to your AIM “mailbox”.

You may request additions or changes to existing accommodations by logging on to the AIM portal and selecting “Change Existing or Add New Accommodations”

Please note: Students who are still in the process of getting accommodations approved or submitting documentation, should contact SDS at the email address for your school below if you have any questions about next steps in that process. The AIM Student Portal will be available for you to login once you are approved to use accommodations.

Student Status

Students in special student status or provisional status follow the same procedures as outlined above.

Students in dual degree programs will follow the procedures established by the school or division in which the courses are taught.

Confidentiality/Self Advocacy

Disclosing all relevant information to Student Disability Services (SDS) is essential to establishing a disability/eligibility for services or accommodations and ensuring what is provided will be effective in meeting needs. Once registered with SDS and approved to use accommodations or services, students have a choice about how much information is shared beyond that point and students retain the right to request/use accommodations or to elect not to. Disclosure is a personal choice and students are always free to provide whatever information they are comfortable sharing, but Disability Services processes preserve confidentiality for students who prefer to disclose only what is needed (the accommodation or services). 

Reporting Concerns

For any concerns with disability-related requests, accommodations, or services, please refer to JHU’s Grievance Procedures for Students with Disabilities page.

Contact us

Allison Leventhal

Information for Faculty

Please visit the university’s faculty resources page where you will find information including a sample syllabus statement, guidelines for teaching students with disabilities, universal design for your course, rights and responsibilities, types of disabilities, and FAQs.