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This course provides the graduate student in Applied Physics with a review of the basic core topics in classical physics, presented at an entry graduate level. The basic subfields covered are classical mechanics (including fluids and acoustics), thermal (and statistical) physics, electromagnetism (including plasmas and relativity), and optics. The four major core topics (in italics) are treated in roughly equal depth. For each topic covered, the fundamental physical laws are introduced to establish a rigorous but intuitive understanding of the basic physics, which is reinforced with hands-on demonstrations and relevant homework assignments. A final exam will also cover the core concepts and principles to check the student’s understanding of the key concepts presented. In addition, each student will delve into one subtopic of their own choosing, according to their interest and needs, treating it in more depth as an extended homework assignment, which will be submitted in written form and given as a brief oral presentation before the end of the semester. This course will complement the modern physics course as well as the advanced mathematical methods course offered in the Applied Physics program. Prerequisite(s): An undergraduate degree in physics, engineering, or a related field.