The EP diploma is the same as the full-time Whiting School of Engineering diploma. Neither online nor EP are designated.

The program title is the EP program to which you are admitted.

Computer Science courses at the Homewood campus will be taught by EP CS or Homewood CS faculty, depending on the course. Financial Mathematics and Applied and Computational Mathematics will be taught by Homewood AMS faculty.

No, the entire Home-to-Hopkins program is through the Engineering for Professionals program.

Typically, Home-to-Hopkins students are not eligible for CPT. Questions about specific situations should be sent to the Office of International Students ([email protected]).

The first year of the Home-to-Hopkins program is considered part-time and does not require a full-time course load. Students are permitted to work during their first year in their home countries.

Yes. Additional details about the STEM OPT extension can be found on the Office of International Students website.

The first year of study is considered part-time. The second year of study is full-time. Students must enroll in at least 9 credits per term during their second year of study on-campus.

There is no capstone project or thesis required for the Home-to-Hopkins programs.

The estimated fee structure for our program is outlined on the Home-to-Hopkins webpage.

Sample plans of each of the Home-to-Hopkins programs are available on the Home-to-Hopkins webpage.

The Chinese education department (i.e., Chinese Service Center for Scholarly Exchange) evaluates the educational credentials of Chinese citizens returning to China by request, and because a component of the Home-to-Hopkins program is online, it may disqualify you from civil service or other public sector jobs administered by the Chinese government. Different provincial bodies view flexible start programs (that is, residential programs that allow students to begin their coursework online before they arrive in the U.S.) differently and there is no published standard for determining the validity of such flexible start programs.

Our office will contact Home-to-Hopkins students the first week of April prior to your on-campus year of study with details regarding your I-20 and visa application process.

No, the first year of study is part-time and is not eligible for visa sponsorship.

No, assistantships are not available to Home-to-Hopkins students.

Applicants can complete between 2 to 4 courses, or 6 to 12 credits, should be completed online during the student’s first year of study. Between 6 to 8 courses, or 18 to 24 credits should be complete on-campus during the student’s second year of study. At minimum, 6 courses (9 credits in fall and 9 in spring) must be taken during the second year. Of those 9 credits each term, at least 6 credits must be in-person during the second year of study.

Applicants may defer their admission offer for up to one year. To do so, the student must contact Sandra Altman, Director of Admissions for EP programs.


Online courses are held through the Canvas LMS, which has active discussion boards for connecting with instructors and classmates. Courses also offer 1-hour of synchronous office hours each week with your course instructor. Students may also use email and Microsoft Teams to connect with classmate, course instructors, as well as other students in EP.

Students should reach out to the Office of International Students ([email protected]) for all visa and OPT related questions.