Dr. McGarity taught Environmental Engineering, Operations Research, Solar Energy Systems, and Engineering Statistics at Swarthmore College for 43 years.  At Swarthmore, he was a founder of the Interdisciplinary Program in Environmental Studies.  He engaged with several other academic and research institutions during sabbatical leaves including Argonne National Laboratory, Princeton University, and the Technical University of Krakow, Poland, as a Senior Fulbright Scholar, where he created and directed Swarthmore’s 20-year Central European Program. In 2021, he stepped down from full-time teaching, but he continues his affiliation with Swarthmore as Senior Research Scholar.  He is pleased to return now to his alma mater to become affiliated with the Engineering for Professionals Program, where he will continue his dedication to teaching.  He lives in State College, Pennsylvania with his wife Jane.

Education History

  • B.S. Engineering Science, Trinity University
  • MSE Electrical Engineering, Johns Hopkins University
  • PHD Environmental Engineering, Johns Hopkins University

Work Experience

Henry C. and J. Archer Turner Professor Emeritus of Engineering, (Retired), Swarthmore College


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“Storm-Water Investment Strategy Evaluation Model for Impaired Urban Watersheds,” J. Water Resour. Plann. Manage., 138(2), 111-124, 2012.
Design and Operation of Civil and Environmental Engineering Systems, textbook editor with Charles ReVelle, and author of Chapter 2: “Water Quality Management,” John Wiley and Sons, ISBN 0-471-12816-3, 1997.

Honors and Awards

  • Reviewer’s Award, Journal of Sustainable Water in the Built Environment (2018)
  • Honorary Professor, Cracow University of Technology, Krakow, Poland (2011)
  • Endowed Chair: Henry C. and J. Archer Turner Professor of Engineering, Swarthmore College (2005)

Professional Organizations

American Society of Civil Engineers
Institute of Operations Research & Management Science (INFORMS)