Rich is the instructor of ‘Principles of Enterprise Web Design”. He has taught some form of this course in the classroom and on-line for the last twenty plus years.

Rich has a Masters of Science in Engineering and a Bachelor’s of Engineering Sciences, both in Mathematical Sciences from The Johns Hopkins University. He spent the early years of his career interning for IBM at their T J Watson Research Center and their Federal Systems Division. After graduating with his Masters, Rich began his employment at The Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Laboratory (JHU/APL) where he has been ever since with the exception of a three year stint in the “dot com” world. While starting his career as an Operations Research Analyst, applying mathematical techniques to solving real world problems, it was not long before the use of software as a tool led him into full scale software engineering. Early areas of focus were in Distributed Simulation and rapid prototype development. However, the “dot com” experience introduced him to large Enterprise Systems where he has been focused for the last 20 years. In recent years Rich has returned to his roots in Operations Research while still utilizing Enterprise tools and techniques.

Rich has an interest in youth, high school and college lacrosse. Despite his desire to remain active, his participation in sports and fitness activities has been replaced by his support and role as a spectator of his children’s activities. On any given weekend he can be found at a youth, club or college lacrosse game. He enjoys traveling (especially to warm locations) with his wife (who practices medicine), four sons who range in age from 12 to 26 and a 12 year old daughter.

Education History

  • Bachelor of Engineering Science Mathematical Sciences, The Johns Hopkins University
  • Master’s of Science in Engineering Mathematical Sciences, The Johns Hopkins University

Work Experience

Senior Professional Staff, JHU Applied Physics Laboratory

Professional Organizations

Association for Computing Machinery