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The focus of this course is to get the student acclimated to the process and tools used in the design to delivery cycle of an Enterprise Application using Java. It will introduce students to the use of build tools and repositories for creating and maintaining software in a team environment. It will then then cover tools and techniques for improving the quality of Enterprise Software like unit and integration testing, code optimization and profiling. It will also cover techniques for automation of processes in testing and deployment of software; like Continuous Integration and the use and orchestration with virtual containers. The course will also look at some modern integrated development environments and demonstrate how they integrate with the aspects of the class. A sample of tools covered in the class will include Maven, Gradle, JMeter, Postman, Jenkins, Git, JProfiler, Docker, Docker Compose, Eclipse and IntelliJ.

Course Prerequisite(s)

EN.605.681 Principles of Enterprise Web Development with Java