The development of large, complex software-intensive hardware systems has become extremely challenging for systems engineering. For example, automotive designs are now incorporating more than a hundred interconnected individual integrated control units (ICU), each designed to sense environmental factors, both internal and external to the system, and precisely control electro-mechanical devices, all of which are then networked together with the outside world: collectively this evolving technical domain is called a cyber-physical system (CPS). CPS physical and software mechanisms are deeply entwined, operating on dissimilar spatial and temporal scales that exhibit emergent, individually distinct behaviors, and in some systems can include autonomy and the ability to learn. This tight coupling between hardware components and their information-driven software functionality creates an environment of adaptive complexity requiring deliberate, incremental learning intervals with strong feedback throughout the system’s development and sustainment lifecycle. This need for continuous learning, and adapting to this learning, is challenging classic systems engineering principles and processes to incorporate new ideas and methods. Systems design and development organizations are turning to a broad set of Agile and Lean methods to manage risk and uncertainty associated with such complexity: the challenge will be in adapting, transforming and extending classic, proven systems engineering methods in order to achieve the same level of disciplined process and delivered value routinely experienced in more traditional projects. This course involves highly-collaborative teamwork requiring at least eight (8) fully-synchronous Zoom-based conferences in order to present student work as a team: meetings are typically two-hours in length and are designed to be highly-engaged, spirited discussions between students and the instructor(s).
Course prerequisite(s): 
EN.645.662 Introduction to Systems Engineering, EN.645.667 Management of Systems Projects, EN.645.764 Software Systems Engineering, EN.645.767 System Conceptual Design, EN.645.768 System Design and Integration and EN.645.769 System Test and Evaluation.
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