Technical Management

Effective Fall 2020, Technical Management, Master of Science will be retired as a separate program and replaced with a Technical Leadership track within Engineering Management. Technical Management students in the application pipeline or already in the program will be eligible to complete their Master's degree according to the catalog in place at the time of their acceptance or roll over into the new program.

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The part-time Technical Management certificates prepare ethically grounded, technically competent professional leaders with technical, managerial, and leadership skills to produce innovative solutions to technical organization challenges. Providing a unique curriculum that is designed to improve business, administrative, and interpersonal skills, accomplished instructors for the Technical Management certificates at Johns Hopkins Engineering for Professionals focus on modern best practices. The certificates blend lectures on theory and practice presented by experienced technical senior leaders and executives. Realistic problem situations are presented in which you play management roles, dealing with problems and making decisions that are typically required of technical managers.

Please note: the curriculum for the certificates consists entirely of the same core courses as the Master's Degree in Engineering Management.

Upon completing the certificate program, students will:

  1. Solve challenges as effective technical contributors and ethical leaders to effect global, economic, organizational impact;
  2. Demonstrate grounding in the application of scientific, engineering, and leadership principles;
  3. Be recognized as professional leaders in contemporary, multiple disciplinary technical organizations who maximize their impact;
  4. Apply best practices as practitioners; can analyze, discriminate, and interpret data; and be a champion of innovation;
  5. Gain success in professional positions and apply learning preparation that builds upon their background for future advanced study.


Program Chair: Tim Galpin

Program Coordinator: Meghan Aranda (410-516-9907,


Graduate Certificate

Admission Requirements

  • You must meet the general admission requirements that pertain to all graduate certificate candidates.
  • If you decide to pursue the full master's degree in Engineering Management, all courses will apply to the master's degree provided they meet program requirements and fall within a five-year time limit. You must declare your intention prior to completing the certificate.
  • If you are an international student, you may have additional admission requirements.

Certificate Requirements

  • Five courses must be completed within three years.
  • Only grades of B− or above can count toward the graduate certificate.

Post-Master's Certificate

Admission Requirements

Certificate Requirements

  • Five courses must be completed within three years.
  • Only grades of B− or above can count toward the post-master's certificate.


Please refer to the Schedule Planning Information page for a general idea when these courses are offered. For exact dates, times, locations, fees, and instructors, please refer to the course schedule published each term.


Students are required to take the core courses listed in the courses section for the Master's Degree in Engineering Management.

Program News

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Two Johns Hopkins Engineering for Professionals master's programs are among the top online programs in the country, according to new rankings released earlier this month by U.S. News & World Report.

Microsoft Teams: A Digital Platform for Communication and Collaboration Between Students
February 3, 2020

Johns Hopkins Engineering for Professionals (EP) this month launched an exciting new initiative: an online Student Community offered through the digital platform Microsoft Teams. As part of the EP Student Community, students can safely and securely connect, share, and learn from one another while also having easy access to relevant resources.

EP partners with RK&K to provide customized program for employees
February 3, 2020

For the first time, Johns Hopkins Engineering for Professionals is partnering with a local company to bring a customized education program to engineers at their workplace. Earlier this month, 20 employees at Baltimore-based RK&K started a new project management course designed exclusively for them by experts at EP to align with the company's professional development goals.

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