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Johns Hopkins Climate, Energy, and Environmental Sustainability Program Overview

Climate change presents a key existential threat of our time, and creating a balance of human and natural ecosystems is critical. Skilled leaders of change must create the environmental systems and technologies to limit the threats posed by climate change. The new MS in Climate, Energy, and Environmental Sustainability is designed to advance the knowledge of these aspiring leaders with a focus on the interdisciplinary nature of climate, energy generation and use, and sustainability. The curriculum also leverages the depth and influence of Johns Hopkins interdisciplinary research, advances in public health, and transformative engineering.

With bold new approaches to the discipline infused in the program, we help students understand the impact of human activities, systems, and processes on the environment—and how to build solutions with these factors in mind. Students learn the important strategies required to sustain the climate and environment while meeting the energy needs of today and beyond. As a student, you will be guided through a mix of refined courses led by senior-level research faculty, including courses such as Environmental Justice; Climate, Health Equity, Energy and the Environment; and Designing for Sustainability.

As a graduate of the Master’s in Climate, Energy, and Environmental Sustainability, you will be able to:

  • Understand the foundations of sustainability and its impact on environmental, economic, and social systems.
  • Direct the development of solutions to problems affecting climate, energy use and availability, and their impact on environmental sustainability.
  • Explore the interdisciplinary aspects of environmental sustainability in science, public health, and society.
  • Design and implement rigorous and strategic solutions to global environmental, energy, social, and economic challenges.
  • Lead or advance public and private sector activities related to energy, sustainability, and climate change planning and management, relating to mitigation and adaptation measures.


The Master's of Science in Climate, Energy, and Environmental Sustainability can be earned completely online, or you can take courses onsite at the Johns Hopkins Applied Physics Lab in Laurel, Maryland.

Climate, Energy, and Environmental Sustainability

Each course in the Climate, Energy, and Environmental Sustainability program is taught by skilled experts who use their concepts they teach in their research and careers every day. Explore all online courses, find course requirements, prerequisites, and elected information. For exact dates, times, locations, fees, and instructors, please refer to the course schedule published each term.

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