BNC also provides used books, rentals, buyback, a return policy, and a secure ordering site.

Please visit the BNC Virtual Bookstore to purchase your textbooks.

You can make non-textbook purchases such as stationery, gift items, apparel, jewelry, and desk accessories from the Johns Hopkins University Official Bookstore.

Third Party Billing/Employer Provided Vouchers or Allotments

If you are a student purchasing textbooks for the first time from BNC that will be paid for via a third party/employer, follow these steps:

  1. Print and have your employer complete the Third Party Billing Setup Form. Fax it to BNC at 800-325-5152. Please note it can take up to two weeks to process this form at BNC.
  2. Print and complete the Third Party Billing Voucher Form. Please double check for accuracy. Fax the Third Party Billing Voucher form along with the SF182 voucher or other allotment form stating the amount available for textbook purchase to 800-325-5152.

If you are a returning student that has previously purchased textbooks from BNC via a third party/employer, choose one of these options:

  • Option 1: Fax the Third Party Billing Voucher Form, along with a SF182 voucher or other allotment form stating the amount available for textbook purchase to 800-325-5152.
  • Option 2: Contact the BNC Service Center at 800-325-3252 and request a quote. Complete the SF182 voucher form by including the amount available for textbook purchase along with the quote number. Fax the SF182 voucher to 800-325-5152 to be processed.

Any questions regarding third party billing or vouchers can be directed to [email protected] (410-516-8158).

Using Federal Financial Aid to Purchase Books and Supplies

If your financial aid file is complete (all documents and outstanding requirements were submitted on or before our published deadlines) and you are entitled to a refund of excess federal student aid funds, you should receive your refund in time to buy the required books and supplies during the first week of a term. Students enrolled in modules and/or courses that do not begin within seven days of the start of the term may not receive their aid until they actually begin class. To ensure timely receipt of your refund, be sure to choose the method to receive your refund as soon as possible. If your refund is delayed, contact the Office of Student Financial Services about obtaining emergency funds to purchase required books and supplies for the term.

The EP program offered the flexibility I needed to be able to complete my Master’s degree while working full-time and raising my young daughter. My instructors were always receptive to any communications, and offered as-needed flexibility on assignments based on any personal or professional schedule conflicts I encountered. The ability to be able to complete most of my coursework from home, at a reasonable pace based on my schedule, was one of the defining characteristics of my experience.

Rahmath Mohamed MS, Space Systems Engineering