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This course will provide a survey of topics in applied fluid dynamics for the practicing engineer. The first topic will concentrate on pipe and duct flow, looking at friction factors, abrupt changes in area, and pipe systems. This is followed by unsteady flows focusing on pressure transients, such as the water hammer. A section on lubrication theory covering wedge and journal bearings is presented. Open channel flows are discussed with emphasis on optimum cross-sectional shape and specific energy. Turbomachinery such as axial and centrifugal pumps, including specific speed and suction limitations, is described. Fluid dynamic drag and lift from streamlined surfaces are presented, including topics such as vortex shedding, terminal velocity, and cavitation. The approach will emphasize the practical foundation needed to solve real-world problems.

Course Prerequisite(s)

EN.535.621 Intermediate Fluid Dynamics. Projects will require some programming experience or familiarity with tools such as MATLAB.