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This course aims to review and reinforce knowledge of soil mechanics and geotechnical engineering principles for application in a variety of structural and civil engineering projects. The course presents examples of geotechnical engineering design problems. The course then discusses the origin of soil and types of soil, and various relations between weight and volume; methods used to characterize the index properties of soil, and classification of soil; theory of compaction; Darcy’s law and the role of permeability, and the theory of two-dimensional seepage; stresses induced in soil by footing and other loading; compressibility of soil, and consolidation and consolidation settlements; shear strength of soil and the laboratory methods of determining shear strength parameters; theories of lateral earth pressure and their application to the analysis of retaining walls; fundamentals of slope stability analysis; fundamentals of the bearing capacity analysis of shallow foundations; and methods of subsoil exploration. Prerequisite(s): 560.305 Soil Mechanics or equivalent. 560.305 is offered on-site through the full-time Civil Engineering Department. Course Note(s): This course is a requirement for the general Civil Engineering program.

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